Montserrat – the place where the clouds meet the mountains



“Montserrat is not meant to be a tourist hot spot but more of a place for quiet serenity and spirituality. For many people it is a place for pilgrimage and prayer. In that respect I think you can appreciate more of the beauty of the monastery and the area. For many others is a well an amazing place for hiking and enjoy the nature.”
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Barcelona : DAY 3



On the 3rd day in Barcelona we  decided to play tourists again and get on the red bus-line to see more of this beautiful city.

Our first stop was MNAC (National Museum of Catalonia)

We hopped off of our tourist bus and stood with our jaws on the floor for a few minutes. The surroundings and the gardens and the waterfalls are incredible. The building is even more beautiful.

MNAC is one of the greatest museums of Barcelona …which is saying a lot.

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